What a world we live in today.  It seems like everything is happening faster and faster... I find myself racing to try and keep up sometimes.  Just when I got a handle on email, facebook arrived... now its twitter, tweet and Apps on your iphone.  I don't even own an iphone... my kids do, and they love the convenience, but not the cost.  They would be hard pressed to get through a single day without their phones.  I really enjoy those peaceful days when the phone doesn't ring, or I am able to get away from being in constant communication for a while.  Where will technology take us tomorrow?
   Some changes I like, and for the rest I would like to just say "whoa," slow down a bit.  I feel the same about our connectional life in the Methodist church, with the application of new technologies it seems like I am further removed from what is going on.  Maybe that is why I enjoy working with our Youth... they help keep me in touch with the technological world they live in, and it's constant changes.
   Speaking of changes, check out the rest of our website.  More is being added and updated all the time, such as having our Pymatuning Charge Calendar listed.  You can go forward and back to see what is being planned by our churches.  To have an item put on the calendar, just contact Tina in the Charge Office and she will take care of it.  I was checking out the calendar earlier, I noticed that we are planning an Old Fashioned Church Picnic for July 28th.  Now were talking... getting back to the "good ole' days," when things moved a little slower.
   On a final note, perhaps we need to challenge ourselves to try harder to keep up with technology... it's where the kids of today can be found.  If the church is to be around in the future, like it or not, we need to embrace God's children where they are.  in this way the Spirit can grab hold of them and encourage them to take hold of the reins, let loose the brake, and steer the church of Jesus Christ into the 21st century and beyond.  God bless you all. 
Pastor John