What an array of marvelous colors can be seen all around us... all part of God's glorious creation.  We often have different perspectives on what we see, smell, taste, touch and hear.  When I first saw the picture of the raindrop on the petal of a flower in the picture above, I thought of a "snow globe."  Someone else might look at the same picture and see something else.  In a similar way, each of us sees a sunrise or sunset differently than anyone else, merely because of the ions in the atmosphere forming it are minutely different depending on the angle of observation... same thing with a rainbow.  It is amazing to me that the raindrop acts as a lens to bring the details of the flowers behind it into clear view. 
    And so it is with another part of God's creation... human beings.  There are many similarities, but a multitude of differences at the same time.  I'm not even going to discuss today what is going on inside the human mind... suffice it to say that even twins do not think alike.  When you add to the natural human differences clothing, which can be based on the weather, moods, or occasion, it boggles the mind's eye what we can observe.
    So, with all these differences, I wonder what God sees in each of us.  I read in the Bible that God created us all in His image.  Do we "look" like God?  Certainly, we look similar to God when He appeared in human form as Jesus.  Does God want us all to look like Jesus?  I think my wife would look pretty silly with a beard.  I believe God wants us to look different, but have the same character qualities of Jesus, such as His compassion for the meek and the poor... those who are in need of something we have in abundance. 
    That something we have in abundance is the ability to share a hug or a smile on good days, and sometimes a hug and a tear on not so good days.  When we choose to look beyond our differences, we can see the world of people in a whole new way... perhaps the way that God sees them... as part of His glorious creation that He loves dearly.  I leave you with this, "share more hugs!"
Pastor John