Keeping balance in today's church is not so different from when the Apostle Paul was in Corinth.  A bustling seaport town, the congregants of that church had diverse backgrounds.  I spent six years in the U.S. Navy, and know what seaport towns can be like... usually NOT the kind of place you would want to raise kids!  The people in Corinth were from all parts of the world, with different traditions, faiths (gods), languages, educations, and ideas.  Even after spending a few years with them, Paul still had to write them a couple of letters to help encourage them along, and sometimes refute/rebuke issues they had taken to heart.  They were continually bombarded by worldly influences that were/are contrary to the moral and ethical issues God gives in scripture.  The world's truth versus God's truth, which should they follow?
   In this country, we also have such a blending of cultures.  I fully believe, along with several of my colleagues, that a "blending" has affected the American church's teachings, all in an effort to appease the folks that are young in the faith.  For instance, I heard recently that it only took three percent of the population to "cry foul" and press their agenda to have prayer removed from our schools... I wonder if "Columbine" would have happened if the other 97% would have raised their voices to counter that vote.  As a result of our blending, we have various "truths."  Which one should we follow?
   My question is this, "What Is Truth."  It was my privilege during the past Lenten season, and beyond, to be part of a group to study that very question.  Focus on the Family organization has put together a video series, led by Dr. Del Tackett, in which the question of "Truth" is examined from a variety of perspectives, such at philosophy, ethics, who is God, who is man, science, the American Experiment, and more.  The video series had such an impact on me and my understanding of "Truth," that I am encouraging each one of my congregants to be a part of a session.  We have purchased enough video DVD sets, one for each of our campuses, that each should have ample opportunity to watch, and be part of a discussion group after the viewing.
   If we are to "win over" this country once again with the reconciliatory message of Jesus Christ, we need to understand what we don't know about God's truth, what has been "blended away," and what is facing those who have no clue what truth might be in today's American culture.  Again, I am inviting you to be a part of a "God thing" that is sweeping this nation.  Also, once you have been a part, make sure your kids and grandkids hear the "Truth."  Until next time...
Keep Lookin' Up!