Every day I am faced with many activities connected with guiding not one, but three churches.  What this means is that instead of one Church Council meeting a month... I have three.  Instead of one Trustees meeting a month... I have three.  Instead of one list of shut-ins... you get the point.  We have been blessed in our Pymatuning Charge to have numerous outreach activities... I try to attend as many as I can.
In the spirit of our Bishop's directive that I am appointed first to a community, and secondly to a church (or churches) in a community, I also have joined the local Lion's Club along with their numerous meetings and activities.  I am also part of a conglomeration of about eight or nine churches known as the Wings-to-Fly, Caring Christian Community... a VERY active group.
Then there are all of the Conference and District events that place demands on my time, such as an upcoming overnight retreat with our Bishop and in the early Spring, District training activities.
Would you believe that every now and then my wife and kids need some attention as well.
Believe it or not, I am not complaining.  In fact, I am excited to be so active (and thankful).  You see, I realize that God is helping me to live out my part of The Great Commission.  You know the one... "Go, and make disciples of all nations...."
When I am stretching myself to be a small part of so many activities, I am in fact sharing the Jesus that is in me, with all those I come in contact. 
Could I consolidate some meetings... yes.  Could I miss a few events and ministries here and there... yes.  Could I preach less... not likely!  Even my sermon preparation time is a precious way of helping to make better disciples of those who follow Jesus.
When I reflect on the enormity of the call to "GO...," I wouldn't trade it for the world.  Instead, I pray and ask God for the strength to continue, to reach all that I can with the message of God's love for the world through Jesus Christ.  If you should see me stumble at some point, I would sure appreciate your prayers as well.  Until the next time... I am praying that God will help you to live out your portion of The Great Commission.