Recently, Konita and I went to a dinner held by the are Amish. We sat with a couple from our Charge. They introduced us to the Amish folks sitting with them. One of the men was an Amish Pastor. As we talked he shared that we both have the same beliefs. We discussed versions of the Bible. We shared the same thought I expressed. With so many different versions available, more people should be reading the Bible. I wonder, with so many versions that are easier to read than the King James Version, why aren’t more people reading the Bible? How many Christians’ only contact with the Bible is on Sunday morning?

How many Christians are aware what the Bible says about life and our relationship to God and to each other. What are we told about the work of the Church and each one’s role in that work.  How many spend time reading Scripture each day? Daily Bible reading along with prayer is nourishment for our spiritual life. How many would go a whole day without eating food? Yet we do so with our spiritual wellbeing.

I encourage you to find a version of the Bible that you can understand. Some are better than others. A translation is preferred to a paraphrase. If you are not sure we can discuss which is best. I encourage you to become familiar with the Scriptures. They are vital to our life as a Christian. There is a way to read the Bible, which is different than all other books. We can discuss this as well. Let’s begin to be familiar with the word God has given to us, the Bible.


Your Pastor

John W. Hodge