Pentecost Sunday was very special to me this year... it was also the time of my Ordination at Annual Conference.  Dozens of thoughts were racing through my mind as I knelt before Bishops Thomas J. Bickerton and Sally Dyck, not the least of which was one of the Holy Spirit coming fresh and new to rest upon me and my fellow ordinands.  I fully believe it happened.  I did not feel anything special and there were no audible or visible signs of such an occurrence, but often-times works that way. 
     Have you ever lifted up a prayer and felt like nobody must be home in heaven?  I know there are days when I do hospital visitations that I wish I were Jesus, so I could give a healing touch, speak to a disease and have it depart from those suffering, or just mix a little "mud" and bring restoration.  Perhaps I am too hung-up on the physical and emotional parts of our existence, and forget about the spiritual.  Perhaps God isn't done "testing" me yet.  Perhaps God doesn't realize the "enemy" has me surrounded.  Doesn't God's word promise that whatever we ask for in Jesus' name shall be done?  Oh me of little faith. 
     Abraham was known for his great faith... perhaps I should ask God to help me be more like Abraham and trust that God IS at work in my life, and will see His plan on to perfection.  Are you anything like me?  Let's trust in God together.  Until next time... God Bless!