Lighting of the Advent Wreath has always been special to me.  I can remember when our kids were small, Lynne purchased an Advent Wreath to set on our dining room buffet.  Once each week, during our Sunday big meal, we would light the wreath, just as had been done earlier in church worship.  I hope it is something my kids, and eventually, grand-kids will appreciate, as it helps them not only count down the days until Christmas, but to wait patiently for the arrival of a fresh dosage of God's Holy Spirit upon us on Christmas day.
     Sometimes, when the drudgery of everyday life presses in, I have no problem waiting for another day, since it seems to only bring more of the same.  The economic forecast is dismal, at best.  Politics seem to dominate the news media, along with wars, acts of terror, famines, earthquakes, etc.
     This year, I want to focus on waiting for Christmas like one of the kids from our VBS, IMPATIENTLY WAITING.  Waiting with great expectation for an exciting and memorable experience to occur.  May my eyes get ever brighter, may my pulse quicken and my toes begin to dance as the day draws near.  Oh how I long to see the "joy" of Christmas in every face, young and older, this year.  I long to see Jesus... I hope you do too.  Merry Christmas from Lynne and I to each and every one of you this year and always.
Pastor John