I read the following article from Focus On The Family by Brady Boyd.  It said:
"If you are going to be a pastor, you will face disappointments. Sorry for the buzz kill beginning, but that is the truth. The offerings will sometimes be less than your church expenses; the sermon you planned to preach was a lot better than the one you actually preached. People will leave your congregation for the silliest of reasons. Your kids and spouse will give you "the look" when you arrive home with an empty emotional cup. The list could go on and on, I promise.
    But the good news is that God is working at all times on our behalf in the invisible realms, and He is well aware that all of that invisibility will cause us distress from time to time. The job doesn't pan out. The house doesn't sell. The marriage doesn't last. The runaway doesn't return. The investment doesn't yield viable returns. Circumstances scatter our dreams and wreck our plans. Or so it seems, anyway. We simply cannot see what God sees. We cannot know what He alone knows.
    And so we wrestle. We admit disappointment. We engage in earnest dialogue with our God. But in the end, whether resolution is reached or not, we come around to the same vow: "I will not fall away. I trust you, Father. I really do. And while I don't understand what you're doing, I know you are guiding me along righteousness' path. I'm disappointed but not disheartened, Lord. You're still God, and You are good...."

The article reminded that there IS something more, something behind the scenes, something invisible, something supernatural, that is guiding us through this life.  But Why?  The "why" is that we have a creator who is continuing to mold us into HIS image of our creation.  Perhaps my unrest lies in the fact that I am constantly trying to work out my own destiny... you know, the "American Dream."  As time continues to click off another season (the kids started back to school yesterday) I realize more and more that whatever I try and fashion on earth won't last.  Most of what I "accomplish" will pass along with me someday.  Maybe my focus is wrong.  Maybe I should be focusing more on that which does not pass away, that which lasts forever. 
    This is what Scripture teaches.  Just like the flowers of the field, we too will fade and will return to the dust.  So why are we so concerned with what we possess, whether it be our bodies or other material goods.  Why don't we just spend more time on our relationship with the creator, Jesus, and with those He has surrounded us with?  Interesting question.  Until next time....