Merry Christmas!
   As a young lad, I was always wondering how in the world Santa was able to make it to all the houses in the world in a single night.  Now that I am older and somewhat wiser, I realize that Santa makes use of the time-space continuum and warps himself (sleigh and reindeer included) to wherever... whenever.  Lord, as I make out my Christmas Wish List, I want one of those time-space gadgets so I can be in all places at the same time.  BUT, even I realize it is not for me to be like God... at least not in the omni-present capacity.
   However, in the sharing of His love, I know that He expects me to be just like Jesus and share the good news.  The Kingdom of Heaven has drawn near.  As the world continues to change at an ever increasing rate, one thing never will.  That one thing is God's love.  This time of the year reminds us that we are one step closer to Jesus' return to earth.  His next visit will not be as a baby in a manger, but as He truly is... the Lord of lords and the King of kings.  Most of the world missed His first visit.  We are assured by prophecy of the New Testament that no one will miss His second.  I hope and pray that you have taken advantage of the Advent Season to prepare room for Him in your hearts, and share some of His love with the people around you.
   Blessings and Peace to all of you this Christmas.

Pastor John