From The Pastor                                                                                      

March 1st is a special day for Christians. This year March 1st is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent.
Now upon hearing the word Lent, many begin to ask, "What will I give up for Lent this year?" But Lent is more
James White in his book, Introduction to Christian Worship, defines this season by saying, "Lent is the season
in which we anticipate that final trip to Jerusalem and the self-giving nature of love shown in Christ's passion
and death."

   Luke makes reference to this time in Jesus' life. In Luke 9:51 we read, "As the time approached for him to be 
taken up to heaven, Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem." (NIV) And so began Jesus'final trip to Jerusalem. Lent
is the season we recall this time in the life of Jesus.

   For you and I, Lent is to be a spiritual journey to Jerusalem. Once again, we focus on the self-giving love Jesus
for us.We recall what He has done for us during His final journey to Jerusalem. Meditating on what it means for our 
life. As we do, we reflect upon our own self-giving nature. From our reflection we seek God's direction as to what 
we should give up. Or perhaps, take on something new. Whichever the case, a Spirit lead change comes upon us that 
goes beyond Lent. As Lent approaches, let us reflect upon what Jesus has done for us. And upon what He calls us to
do for Him.

                                                                                      Your Pastor,

                                                                                      John W. Hodge