Hello Church!  We are now in the midst of the Lenten season.  Many activities are being planned as we begin to see "new life" come forth after a long and cold winter.  I continue to be very thankful to God for the hearts of the people in the Pymatuning area.  For example, we have been involved in the "Believe Again" Bible Study on Tuesday nights at Jamestown UMC.  We have come to understand that the church of Jesus Christ is everybody in the world around us, and not contained within four walls of a building.  As a result, our focus for ministry is now shifting.  We are asking the question "what can we do to help others on a regular basis."  Stateline UMC will be holding its second "Free Clothing" giveaway on March 7th, to help those in our community less fortunate than ourselves.  Jamestown UMC continues to be a Red Cross emergency shelter, as well as home to various community groups such as the Girl Scouts and Bible studies for women.  Westford's Mission Outreach Center is slated to be completed in April, and can also be used as an emergency shelter. 

Many other ideas are formulating into actions as we learn that Jesus' church is all around us.  The building we meet in on Sunday mornings is for corporate worship of Him, and for training/equipping the saints to GO into the world for the purpose of making disciples.  As I continue to contemplate this "GOING," I am beginning to see that I am in ministry wherever I am... not just inside the church.  God is moving in my heart to share my faith everywhere, not just in the comfort of fellowship of other believers.  Perhaps you have felt this moving in your heart also.  Perhaps God is moving us to share our faith not just in the church, but also in our homes, our schools, our places of employment, our supermarkets and our shopping malls.  Wherever there are people, wherever we are, THAT is the place of our ministry. 

I once watched a movie called "Paying It Forward."  Perhaps you have seen it.  A youth, as part of a school project, develops and puts into action the concept of performing an act of kindness for someone with no strings attached, except that they now have to do something nice for someone else.  Perhaps now more than ever we need to be performing acts of kindness and helping each other.