Hello Church...!
   Our Annual Conference is now finished.  I have been re-appointed for another year to the Pymatuning Charge in Franklin District.  We also have a new District Superintendent, Rev. George Porter.  I had a chance to exchange some pleasantries with him at Annual Conference.  I believe God has blessed us with another Spirit-filled, man of God. 
   I had an interesting experience last week, that has stirred some smoldering embers in the far reaches of my brain, concerning what the "church" is, and is not.  I shared this experience with most of you from the pulpit last Sunday, but as I stretch myself to "Rethink Church" as something we do six days a week and not count as worship on Sunday, I wanted to share how blessed I am to be in such a loving community.  When questioned about what the role of the "church" should be towards people down on their luck, I envisioned an entire community as the "church," not just one denomination or another that gathers in a building.  The "church" is NOT an institution, but the people of God, living and sharing portions of our lives with each other.  When each person does a part that God lays on their heart, the burden of helping others becomes light.  I want to personally thank those individuals in the Jamestown community that heard the "voice" of God and acted accordingly. 
   On another note, I will be taking vacation the first week in July.  So... in my absence, continue to be the "church" to each other.  Do what you can when you can, trust the rest to God.  Until next month....