Message from the Pastor:
Well... the first six months of my new appointment to the Pymatuning Charge are completed.  I thank God for having blessed me with the people of this community on the southern tip of the lake.  You are all wonderful and blessed of God in your own special ways.  Unique, but united in the cause of expanding God's Kingdom and Making Disciples for Jesus Christ.

As we begin the new year together, we will be doing some much needed training of newly elected leaders of our three congregations.  Also, we will be initiating the "Believe Again" Bible study on Tuesday nights at Jamestown UMC for all members, so we can get caught-up in the fire of the Holy Spirit that is already blazing in the rest of our Annual Conference.  Our Staff/Parish Relations Committee (SPRC, changed from the PPRC) now that we have hired a Charge Secretary, will be reading the book "Church Shift" by Rev. Sunday Adelaja.  The SPRC will also be learning all about the new Pastor Evaluation forms, short and long, that need to be completed each year.

Also, we are in the season of completing our Conference "Statistical Reports" - due by Jan. 31st., and also our Annual Aduit Reports - due before Mar. 1st.  This will help us prepare for next years Charge Conference.

As the Holy Spirit stirs us from the comfort of where we have been in the past and challenges us to reach out to the local community in new and exciting ways, we need to be blanketed with prayer.  Prayer is the powerful spiritual tool that God has blessed us with to overcome the world in which we live.  I am delighted that we have three prayer groups that meet regularly (Tuesday mornings 9-noon at the home of Bob & Pat Valesky, Tuesday nights 6:30-7pm at Jamestown UMC, and Tuesday nights 7-8pm at Westford UMC).  Please join your fellow Christians in any of these venues of prayer.