You have to love Punxutawney Phil.  He is a rodent that could really care less about the weather... let alone any notariety he gets for predicting it, and yet he is pampered and treated like royalty.  Some would even say he only works for an hour once a year.  Even if he gets his predictions wrong, no one seems to mind too much.
   Spring is upon us now, even if we are still shoveling snow.  Passion week begins with Palm Sunday worship services, continues with Holy Thursday and Good Friday services, and concludes with Easter Sunday Services.  This is one of the busiest times of the year for active Christians.
   I feel truly blessed, that even in the middle of all the activities, that our church folks are making such great efforts at helping neighbors and friends.  Many of these folks being reached this Easter season are "unchurched."  Extending the hand of God to them in the name of Jesus is the way the Kingdom advances.  I try to keep my focus on folks in the community who do not yet know Christ, trusting that God will help the others already worshiping to become the disciples he has called them to be.  That is where Jesus' focus was, where his heart was, on the folks who were impoverished, down and out on their luck, and not yet "invited" to come and be a part of a heaven-bound community. 
   I am going to be inviting a bunch of people I have encountered in the community to come and worship this Easter season.  Why don't you join me, invite neighbors and friends to come and experience Christ as we celebrate as a church body that Jesus is ALIVE.
   Until next time, may God bless you and come to know you by name.
Pastor John