What a wonderful time I had at Annual Conference this year.  I renewed some great friendships, made some new friends, hugged lots of necks, and even had the opportunity to anoint a few people and pray over them (right in the middle of the Display Room floor).  The food was good, as always and I enjoy the expansive use of air conditioning at Grove City College (they are finally arriving into the 21st century).  I had the opportunity to have my fingerprints taken electronically for my FBI clearance for working with children.  It was a time consuming process since only one person was taking the fingerprints for over 700 clergy... but, now it is done.  Thanks be to God.
I have faced a whole bunch of health issues in the last year, some of which will continue from now until Jesus leads me home.  However, I recognize that the Lord has been using those experiences as opportunities for me to increase my faith.  I still struggle to control every aspect of my physical, soulish and spiritual life (please pray for me) rather than trusting God to care for me day by day.  I confess, I do NOT like feeling less than 100%.  But, through it all, I do feel blessed.
As of Friday night at Annual Conference, I am officially re-appointed to the Jamestown Community and the Pymatuning Charge churches of State Line, Jamestown, and Westford.  I really feel blessed since I have become an integral part of this community, and really enjoy sharing life with the residents.  Along with continuing all I have done in the past, I sense God expanding my ministry in new directions, such as coordinating the United Methodist Men's activities for the entire Franklin District.  Remember, our Franklin District comprises parts of Crawford and all of Mercer, Venango and Clarion counties.  The question arises, "Do I still feel blessed, or stressed?"  The blessing increases and the stressing decreases as I remember that this is God's plan, He is in control, He has faith in me, and that He is my helper even more so than me being His.  God is Good!  
I am Feeling Blessed in Jamestown!!!