Inductive or Deductive... what's the difference?  I invite you to attend our Tuesday night Bible studies at the Jamestown United Methodist Church on Depot St.  We start at 6:30 pm and end around eight o'clock.  Bring your Bible and an open mind, guided by the Holy Spirit.  The things we discover about God, and about ourselves is a source of great and expressible joy!  The peace of mind and comfort that comes from a deeper examination of the scriptures not only gives us great joy within, but a joy that we find hard to contain... so we share with neighbors and friends.
     Over the years, the dynamic of the group changes due to the personalities and paradigms of those attending, but the result always seems to be the same... the truth revealed, joy expressed.  We always pray and ask the Holy Spirit to lead us to a new and fresh understanding of the Word of God... He never disappoints us.  Recently, the Lord has made us a more ecumenical group, with only slightly more Methodists than Presbyterians, if you count a local Wesleyan Methodist.  Together, we are breaking down denominational barriers that have isolated us for too long.  Thanks be to God that we can not only study scripture together, but also have been led to worship, sing and pray together in other venues.  We are a community of believers "coming together."
     I was reading an article recently in Good News magazine about the United Methodist Bishop of Cuba.  He was a guest speaker at Aldersgate Renewal Ministries' Conference on the Holy Spirit in Lexington, KY.  The Bishop spoke of the "expressible joy" that the people of the church in Cuba had during worship (shouting and playing of all kinds of instruments) because of the uniting power of the Holy Spirit.  Also, he mentioned that their joy was so great because of what Jesus has been doing in their lives, that the people are now going door-to-door with their neighbors to share testimonies of what God is doing in their lives, and that this "expressible joy" is contagious.
     I found the Bishop's article refreshing for two reasons.  First, it brought back memories since I was at Aldersgate in Lexington this year and heard the Bishop in person.  I stayed in the same hotel as the Bishop, on the same floor, and even shared the elevator with him a couple of times.  He is a dynamic individual to say the least.  His joy is expressed everywhere he goes.  He is glad and thankful to be a Christian!  Secondly, his message about expressing our joy of being Christians has sparked a new Hope in me that we could do a similar thing with expressing our joy right here in America... right here in Jamestown, Pennsylvania... right in your neighborhood... right in your own home, with your own family.
     I conclude only with this encouragement, "Express Your Joy!"  Then, let's see what new and refreshing places the Holy Spirit leads us.  Blessings of Great Joy to you.
Pastor John