I recently read about a new church start that was purchasing a McDonald's franchise to be located within the building.  Not unlike the picture above, they had done their homework and determined that they could draw a larger crowd by catering to the mainstream culture.  I have also read about, and spoken to, some of the pastors of "MEGA" churches.  Some of their comments concerning what they had provided within their churches shocked me.  One such comment concerned "Fear" of standing in judgement before God after having only entertained the masses, with few of them ever developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
As I assess the current trend of Church attendance in our town, and in the country in general, I note that something has indeed changed.  We are fewer in attendance these days.  Fifty years ago almost everybody in small town America attended church, because if you didn't, everybody knew it and you became the talk of the town....  These days, we find ourselves so busy with the stuff of life, that we seem to have forgotten a basic concept, that we were created.  We did not just develop out of some slimy ooze, but were formed in the image of our Creator.  We have a relationship from the start.  We will have a relationship in the end.  There are many reasons for the changes, but I believe the underlying root cause of the problem is a lack of a "Personal" relationship with the Lord.
The big question is, what will be the form of that relationship?  Will it be very personal or only a passing one.  Personally, I am terrified of the consequences of only having a "passing" relationship with God.  I find myself at the start of 2015 desiring an ever more personal relationship with my Lord Jesus Christ.  I want to become so close that I know His every thought, and He mine... to be totally in love with Him.  I attend church often, not just because I am the preacher, but because I want to learn more about Him and especially to thank Him for all He has done for me.
I wonder, back in the hay-day of Christianity and Church attendance in America, just how many of the attendees were actually developing a "personal" relationship with the Lord.  Were they truly thankful, and, were they passing on their faith with their family members.  Perhaps what we are witnessing in our Churches today is the revealing of the remnant of those who truly believe.  Perhaps the "chaff" is being removed.  My prayer for you is that you are the wheat and not the chaff.  Persevere, the rewards are out of this world (Nice cliche).  Until next time, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.