I have been thinking lately about my disciple-making abilities.  I know that I study the Bible daily, pray and worship daily, lead others in worship three times each Sunday, lead the Tuesday evening Bible study at the Jamestown campus, will be starting a Lenten study of some sort, and starting another Confirmation class beginning in February for our youth, BUT, I have been wondering how others in the community see Jesus' life lived out in me in the community. 
    Do they see in me the joy of my salvation?  Or, do they see me as another beat-up soul of the world, just trying to survive another day on planet earth?  I heard another pastor claim once, that he always tried to show his joy, since he may be the only "Bible" another man ever reads.  I try to live my life that way... I hope it is working.  I pray for each of you this new year, that people may "read" you in a new way... that they would come to know Jesus by how you live your life.  Allow the joy of your salvation to influence others in your family, your workplace, your school, and even at the local Wal-Mart. 
    Know that I am praying for you always, but more importantly, so is Jesus!
Pastor John